The program is intended for year-long implementation. Students gain proficiency with facts at a gradual rate during the year. Many teachers like to start the day with the worksheets, as they provide an easy and positive activity for student success. Other teachers begin math class with the program worksheets. The students work for approximately 3-5 minutes on the daily worksheets.

Homework is also included. Because the students see that they are so successful with the program, the homework is a positive experience for them and one that they proudly complete. The worksheets rarely take more than 3 minutes of their homework time.

If a new student joins the class, differentiation is easy if the teacher does one simple additional step. This step is to run off worksheets for the newcomer (starting at the beginning not at the class progress point) and to give a brief explanation/demonstration to the new student of how the program works (a peer could also do this). This student can then progress at his/her own rate to learn with the rest of the class.

  • Important Considerations:
  • fidelity to the program will definitely produce excellent results
  • using known math facts from this program will facilitate your lessons - especially with division and fractions but really in all areas
  • students will gradually gain accuracy and fluency on all timed fact tests if you are required to use them

One teacher commented:

“The program is going fabulously. The students are picking the patterns up quickly and enjoy doing them. When I give a homework sheet, I have to stop them from doing it right away. When they are solving a thought problem in math class, I notice they immediately connect (a pattern)to their work. It’s amazing to watch.”