Common Core Standards

Successful implementation of Common Core Standards for Mathematics will require student math fact knowledge for accuracy and speed in calculation and may assume that time will be devoted to achieving fact automaticity. To develop math fact mastery for all students and to support goal achievement, every school can now offer the Math Fact Fixer Program as a key component and as a highly effective classroom tool for accomplishing math fact learning.

Dr. Kucera, Curriculum Director of Millburn CCSD #24, brought The Math Facts Fixer Program into their district 2011. She reported:

"Your program has great value to us in the current environment of the coming Common Core Standards. Our teachers are so glad to have learned your program now that they are being introduced to the expectations of the new standards."

  • The Math Facts Fixer Program will develop math fact competency for student goal achievement with:
  • minimal cost per classroom
  • simple implementation techniques for teachers
  • easy data collection for documentation at all grade levels
  • amazing student success rates for ALL learners